The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injury

The freedom and economy of riding a motorcycle is certainly well-deserved; it is efficient, mobile, and cheap. It is also extremely dangerous even for defensive drivers because the most common motorcycle accident injury is to the head.

The lack of protection leaves drivers vulnerable to serious motorcycle accident injury even in relatively minor accidents. Motorcycles are built for speed, and a spill at even 30 mph can be devastating. A bump on the road can send a driver flying, and even with a helmet, there is a 63% chance of getting a head injury. When it comes to a collision between a car and a motorcycle, the outcome is seldom in favor of the motorcycle rider. Motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to be injured than a motorist, and 98% of motorcycle accidents result in injury to the motorcyclist.

Head injuries result from a variety of causes, but a motorcycle accident can be particularly traumatic. Even if the helmet absorbs most of an impact, the brain can still be severely damaged due to the violent rocking of the head. The brain can literally slam against the front of the skull and then back. Bleeding can occur in various parts of the brain that can lead to an accumulation of fluid which in turn puts pressure on the brain. In mild cases of traumatic brain injury, a concussion may result. In more severe cases, the patient can slip into a coma. Head injuries can lead to temporary or permanent disability, either partial or total, and recovery can be a prolonged process.

Three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. If you sustain a serious motorcycle accident injury because of the recklessness of another driver, you need to consult with a motorcycle accident injury lawyer conversant with the laws of your state. This will ensure that you get compensation for the costs of the accident.

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