What Are Major Reasons For Car Accidents & How To Avoid Them?

Millions of car crashes take place every year that lead to tens of thousands of people losing their lives. These incidents are quite frequent and repetitive, yet the government fails to stop them regardless of how many measures it takes. As a car driver, it’s your responsibility to understand the reasons responsible for car crashes and avoid them at all costs to return home safely. Here we have mentioned some of those reasons. Have a look at them carefully before you hit the road next time. 

Common Reasons For Car Accidents:

It’s important for you to know all the common causes of car accidents so that you can avoid them and increase your chances of driving without getting involved in accidents. The first and the most common cause of car accidents on this list is distracted driving. Often, people keep on texting or talking over the phone with others while driving. Each year, hundreds of thousands of car crashes happen because of this silly mistake committed by car drivers. 

So, if you want to avoid an accident, make sure you keep your cell phone on silent and don’t text anyone while driving. Even if you have to take a call or reply to a text urgently, stop your car at a safe place and do it. 

Another reason for car accidents is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s a known fact that people attend parties and return home late at night. Many times, they are too drunk or high to drive, yet they hit the road and crash into someone else’s vehicle. Likewise, speed driving is also a major reason for accidents. Each city has predetermined car speed limits set that every driver has to follow while driving on city roads. Many people don’t pay heed to them and cause an accident. 

The last major reason on this list that’s responsible for car accidents is not following traffic lights. Many drivers don’t take stop lights seriously and break them intentionally to reach their destinations quickly. They not only put their lives in danger but also cause danger to others’ lives. Make sure you don’t commit any of these mistakes ever while driving a car.